Sanjay Kumar worked as an IT professional with various renowned companies in India and USA. He left his IT career of fifteen years and returned back to India to follow his passions – writing and socio-political activism. His other interests include yoga, meditation, sports, movies and reading anything that stimulates the mind – behavioural psychology, religion, philosophy or a book of fiction.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. sanjay arya says:

    Well said, sanjay. The part of India I am staying for the last 15 years is historically famous for its political understanding . I had read a lot about this place since school days. But my stay here belies all what is written in books or what history suggests. The political affiliations matters so much to individuals that they are ready to sacrifice their relationship with their siblings what to say about friends . I would rather suggest you to visit Bengal to understand what democracy we the people of India understand. We don’t vote for ideas, vision or to say development. Everyone thinks how he individually is going to get benefitted. Remember before Assembly elections of Delhi I had told you about my apprehensions on the people of Delhi when I came to know about a phenomenon known as kejriwal.

    • sunjaykumar says:

      I know, it is extremely discouraging that people do not understand the real meaning of democracy yet. I hope the recent spike in people’s involvement makes our leaders more accountable, and forces them to adopt result based governance.

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